Best Speaker Mic for Baofeng – SMART and PORTABLE

Do you need something the size of a Motorola one but with a tight budget? Then you should try one of the best speaker mic for Baofeng recommended here today.

Best Speaker Mic for Baofeng

BTECH QHM22 Platinum Series IP54 Rainproof Shoulder Speaker Mic for BaoFeng, BTECH, Kenwood Radios

This mic does a fantastic job and appears to be durable. It works great with Baofeng UV-82, but this is a single PTT only.

The UV-82 has two PTT. That means, you can transmit on two different channels depending on which transmit button you hit.

This mic works only on Chanel B. So, if your radio is turned to Chanel A and press the transmit button on the mic, it will move to Chanel B and transmit there.

Aside from these features, I’d say it seems to be built to last, and it fits very snug into the jack and does not wiggle around.

The MIC Clip is great too and can be adjusted easily. If you need a shoulder mic, you should give this a trial.

Best Speaker Mic for Baofeng

Code Red Signal 21-K Public Safety Speaker Microphones with 3.5 mm Port for Kenwood Radios

The quality of this product is high. I once connected it to my UV5R, and the sound came out clear and loud.

When I transmit messages, I heard my voice come in clear and good. The Large push to talk button and a heavy duty clip makes this a high quality product.


Ultimately, the sound quality produced by this speaker and mic is both good. However, it is cheaply constructed.

Once my item was delivered to me, I unboxed it and drilled a mic hole a bit larger on the speaker mic to help with the volume and the tin can effect.

In my case, I discovered one of the screws holding the two half together went through one of the wires and So, I decided to fix that. I put some heat stink around it and closed it up.

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