What is the Best AV Receiver with Phono Input for the Money?

Are you looking for a REAL RECOMMENDATION for an A/V receiver with phono input that works well with today’s high definition standards (HDMI/DTS-ES/DOLBY)? Look no further!

We have compiled here a list of the best AV Receiver with Phono Input for the money.

What is the Best AV Receiver with Phono Input on the Market?

The best A/V receiver with phono is Denon DRA-800H.

Note: It is a big misconception that all new receivers will work with a turntable. You actually need a receiver with a “Phone input”.

Denon DRA-800H

The sound quality of the Denon DRA-800H is powerful, sharp and detailed with just the correct quantity of bass. I have listened to the sound quality on every Denon recivers I have ever tested, and they all seem to have this features in their DNA.

The brand does focus on “SOUND”. I watched Cuban music, Carlos Santana Live Europa, BB king Thrill Has Gone Concert, and more. Denon has surpassed my expectations.

I’ve had an Onkyo TX-NR777 AVR, rated at 110W/channel RMS, and I was using it majorly for music. So, I figured out I’d give this one a trial. It’s rated at 100W/channel, but Denon says it uses high quality audio-tuned components throughout. FYI, I drive a pair of Polk 560 towers.

From my experience so far, it beats the Onkyo hands down in terms of raw, clean volume, and warmth. I however find I never, ever, need to turn the volume above 50%.

Best AV Receiver with Phono Input

I’d have the Onkyo at 75% or higher for the same sort of volume, and even then it was clipping.

That it’s less harsh than the Onkyo is a bonus. This RV is also beautiful to the eyes and allows easy setup. I’m pleased so far.

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An alternative to buying an RV is to use a Pre-AMP

You can purchase external phone Pre-AMP and use any A/V receiver you already have and save some extra bucks. I performed detailed research and found the best external Phono Pre-AMP:

iFi Micro iPhono2 Phonostage/Preamplifier or Preamp Compatible with MM and MC Cartridges – Turntable/Home Theater System Audio Upgrade

I noticed almost no noise floor as I use this. It can run cartridge and has various settings you can explore. For this price, this is a game changer. It comes with different settings you can try out.

Now, you can save more and put your well earned money into other things. You can use the Micro Micro 2 Pre Amp Buffer together and it makes these components a force to be recon with. You will not notice major difference in sound break in for at least a 2 weeks, leave on all the time.

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